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This is a great game. It is intellectual, fast-paced, and stimulating. Take a few minutes to learn it.


Get a regular set of Scrabble letters. Place them all face-down on the table. You will not need the Scrabble board.


The player with the most words in his posession at the end of the game wins.


Players take turns flipping one face-down letter at a time. At any time, any player may call out a word that can be formed from the upturned letters in the center and take that word.

But what makes this game interesting is that at any time any player may also steal an existing word to make a word of his own. There are three ways to steal words:

The player must combine all of these letters to create ONE word. Also, every word that the player steals must be rearranged, i.e. it can not be a substring of the new word the player creates.

Examples of Stealing:

Examples of Illegal Stealing:

The game ends after all letters have been flipped over and every player agrees that the game should end.

Minor Rules




My brother Paul learned Speedy Scrabble at a party at Harvard and taught it to our family.

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